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Capturing Solar Power

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  • Capturing Solar Power

    Solar energy is one of the most affordable and renewable sources of energy today. This is owing to the high prices and low supply of all the other sources of energy. Solar energy is a great option for all those who want low utility bills and environment friendly options. Sunís energy can be created wherever there is sun. This energy is so large that it can charge up the whole of the earth for one year, in just one hour.

    The solar energy can be trapped using solar panels. Solar panels can come in handy in times of peak demand when it is quite expensive to produce electricity using conventional methods. Usually the sunlight hours overlap the peak demand hours. This has made it a wise option to go after Solar Panel Investments.

    Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity. There are two major ways of tapping sunís energy. The active solar techniques involve the usage of photovoltaic panels, pumps, and fans to convert sunlight into electricity. Passive Solar involves designing the spaces in such a way that it maximizes the sunlight absorption and exposure to sun. It also means building the spaces using materials with favorable thermal properties.
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    Re: Capturing Solar Power

    Yes its really great way and also a clean way but according to my point of view it very expensive .