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Sadoun SM3D12 HH motor doesn't work anymore?! Please help

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  • Sadoun SM3D12 HH motor doesn't work anymore?! Please help

    Hi everobody,

    I have installed my satellite reception system with a 80cm dish + rotor Sadoun SM3D12 + Zehnder D4000DCI receiver and the rotor is operated with Diseqc 1.2

    I programmed all channels and satellited with my system and everything worked fine 1 month ago till yesterday.

    The rotor doesn't move anymore.

    Here is what was happened:

    I was watching on a one channel on Hotbird 13E then I changed to another channel on Astra 19,2, it was OK. Sometime after I changed to another channel on Telesater 15W and from there the problem happened.
    The dish was first moving some degrees to the west and then stopped and no more movement even I set manual rotation from receiver.
    I switched OFF then ON my receiver, the the dish was moving suddenly to the most east position and then no more possible to make it move again from the receiver.

    With my laptop I reset and reprogram my receiver, unplug everything then reconnect everything the it works again.

    I retried the same operation with channels changing and I got the same behaviour means no more movement from the rotor and is it blocked at the most east position. And I saw on the rotor there is a flashing green Led while the receiver is sending rotation command.

    I redo all reset and repgrogramming on my receiver and NOTHING anymore is working with the rotor.

    I'm really out of idea how to find back solution, please help.
    What is the meaning of flashing green Led?
    What will happend if I will try to make move on the rotor itself with the small switches?


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    Re: Sadoun SM3D12 HH motor doesn't work anymore?! Please help


    I encountered exactly the same problem. Receiver is a PC with a Technotrend DVB-S2 capable card. Software DVBViewer Pro.
    After several years of operation the unit got stuck on the most easterly position.
    I tried the unit on another receiver (PC with Sat-card DVBViewer) same problem.
    This happened after a severe thunderstorm with a strike close by.
    So I decided to open the unit to see wat was going on inside.
    First I suspected that the unit was stuck mechanically because the gearcam was located at the ultimate position. So I took every thing out to look for any damage. Nothing of that kind. So I put everything together again.
    I pulled of the green and white wires on the small DC-motor and connected a 15V power supply to the motor. The motor started to turn, east or west depending on the polarity of the 15 V power supply.
    With the power supply connected I moved it to the 0 position. Then I reconnected the wires and connected the receiver to see if it would no move normally under UALS control. That was not the case. It starts to move from the 0 position to the most easterly position and stops there because the hardware limiting switch is opened.
    Then I had a look at the electronics and discovered that C6 100microF 25V was damaged, I replaed it hoping that the problem would be cured, that was not the case, same behaviour.
    I had a closer look to the PCB and I discovered C10 to be looking suspiceous.
    So the end conclusion seems to that the PCB is damaged (type TIV18J). Estimated cost of a replacement I found to be around 20 euro without shipping and handling costs. For a complete unit of the same quality you pay around 50 euro, so repalcement of the board seems to make not much sense.