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need help with getting El Djazaeera English

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  • need help with getting El Djazaeera English

    I'm unable to get RT and EL Djazeera English.
    I get all the other channels ( Syria TV, 2m Maroc etc..)
    I have the Discq set up to Auto and the channel is 10750 and when I do a blind Scan it does not find those 2 channel under the transponder

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    Re: need help with getting El Djazaeera English

    Try to manually entering the transponder info
    Al Jazeera is Frequency 12152 polarity is Horizontal and the symbol rate is 20000
    Russia Tv is on that transponder also.
    After you manually enter the data you should see signal and quality levels. Then do a search/blind scan.
    If you don't have quality you may need to do a little fine tuning. I have to bump my 7.5 ft c band dish to get a few channels. Once you have your dish in the sweet spot where all the channels come in tighten it up good so it can't move from the wind on a windy day
    Good luck
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