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DirTV Dish re-locate

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  • DirTV Dish re-locate


    I have a DirectTV Slimline dish [not sure if a 3 or 5LNB ]
    It pulls in sat ,, HD,, and local channels,,,, to 3 receivers, from Sats : 99c-99s-101-103s-03ca-103cb
    I had some trees removed and want to move dish closer to house, to a better mount. I have a new mount in place, so ,need no equipment, coax, etc,,,,,,,moving dish about 30 feet north, and 15 feet to the east, maybe a couple feet lower.

    The aim for my address is Tilt 79,,, Elevation 41,,, Azimuth 196 [ first two are what dish is set at according to mount marks* ]

    I am thinking I can re-locate dish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and only need to change the azimuth [ turn dish west just a lil' ] All other settings should be a mute point ,,,,or no change ,, correct ?

    I do have a signal strength meter plus the receiver meters,,, I am some what handy at this, as I have set up several old 18" oval Direct dishes,,,, but I also aware of the extra effort needed for the local-sat-HD all in one dish aiming.

    I know Direct will do it for $49,, but just for kicks ,, I would like to try it,,,,,the only hiccup in this whole deal is,,,, my existing mount, when installed,,, the Direct TV installer did not use the correct j-mast,,, he used the existing 1 1/2 in mast and put a piece of tail pipe and sheet metal screws,,,, to shim up mast so dish mount would fit .[ yuck ]
    Because of that,, I am wondering how square or straight that mast is,,,, or if it cocked because of goofy tailpipe,, and the mount settings were all changed to compensate for that.*

    However,,, using the above numbers,, that should make all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,, 'gulp',,,, I guess*

    After the move,,, which Sat, Trans, etc,,would be the best one to start the re-aiming process,,,,,
    On old mount,,, ALL signals or 84 and above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, most are mid 90-s I hope to recreate that.