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new to BUD c-band

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  • new to BUD c-band

    Hello im kinda new to the cband scene. i am experianced in fixed 30in ku dishes but recently i purchased a sadoun 6ft 180cm dish bundle with lnb actuator hd receiver and c/ku lnb

    well i got my concrete pad poured with the anchor bolts in place all level and smooth and everything including the dish installed wire ran all good.

    but a few problems

    1: when i started unpacking the packages i found the gbox v3000 was not inside so i called and was promptly sent a new one so that was ok.

    2: this one still bugs me ok i got the scalar ring mounted placed the lnb in (the lnb has alot of play in the ring almost as if the lnb is 3 sizes to small for the ring) so i put the the bolt in and tighten it at the proper depth and skew only turn the screw hand tight and the stupid ring broke the hole where the bolt goes in just broke off in my hand. so now i have to get a new ring. i contacted dms and was told not their problem and i should just buy a new one. that realy ticked me off. so i rigged something up temporarily untill i can get a new one. (i will post a few pics in the coming days.) this problem alone almost made me take advantage of the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

    any how onto my issue now

    after 3 days hours on end i have been trying to get this thing in the arc i live in southern west virginia. well i talked to a few people and everyone said point to 97w and peak it first so i did. the problem was i was only able to get 97w 99w 101w and 1 transponder on 103w and only a few transponders on the other satellites so i thought my declanation was off so i tripple checked everything. then i got to thinking the belt is an arc shape and that my problem is im not on the right sat for my area

    so i did yet some more reading and aparently i am right my true south is something like 80.7546

    so dose that mean my true south sat is 83w or what is the one i should be pointing at

    my area details:
    Latitude: 37.9654Longitude: -80.7546

    my true south:
    Latitude: 37.9654
    Longitude: -80.7546
    Name: True South / True North
    Distance: 37346km
    Motor Latitude: 38.0
    Declination Angle: 6.0
    Dish Elevation: --
    Azimuth (true): 180.0
    Azimuth (mag.): 188.1 using Compass

    so whats all this mean
    what im thinking is my total declanation should read 44.0
    and i should point to the closest sat to 80w wich i think is 83w

    and advice or pointers would be highly apriciated

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    Re: new to BUD c-band

    ok so i went out today and did some re-adjusting could not find 83w for some reason but found 72 and 74 and did a test of the actuator moved it all the way west was able to lock onto 121 and 2 transponders on 123. moved the sat up to 97 locked onto a few transponders on that and also on 103 113 72 and 74 but cant find 83 89 or 87 so what am i doing wrong????? ~~~~ ????? how can i get 75% of the arc yet be missing the birds in the 80's a few in the 100's and getting only a few tp's on each sat

    so i did order a FS1 First strike meter and new scalar ring from sadoun im hoping that will help me zero this in a little bit better and i hope there scaler ring is of better quality than the dms one that came with the lnb.


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      Re: new to BUD c-band

      83w for your true south sat is about right,i would get a good singal on 83w scan that in and save.then try another sat like 125w lock that sat scan it in with good singal.then try the others sat within.then you can go more east and west on the arc.that how i did it,that how i get it.make shore you put in the right Longitude and Latitude into reciever.just trying to help.


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        Re: new to BUD c-band

        wvtimberwolf , welcome to the forums.

        You are on the right track. I am sure you may have seen these instructions here:

        Here are quick tips on how to align your C band dish pretty fast:
        • Go to this page and enter your Zip code and click on Go!: Satellite Look Angles Satellite Heading Calculator Azimuth Elevation Skew Tilt LNBF Latitude and Longitude values
        • You will see the results with your Latitude and Longitude
        • Then use the drop down menu and select the satellite that is closest to your Longitude value. That will be your (almost) True South satellite. Now you will see the results that show you what the dish elevation and azimuth should be.
        • Go ahead and adjust your dish to these angles and aim at True South.
        • To calculate the declination angle, use the drop down menu again and select the option True South/ True North. You will get the declination angle. Adjust the declination angle (which is the difference between the elevation angle and plane angle of the dish itself) on your dish.
        • The declination angle is fixed, so don't change it once you set it up on your dish. Do very small adjustments on the True South angle or elevation angle until you get strong signal strength and quality.

        Elevation sets the angle of the polar mount on your dish (labeled hour angle in this drawing).
        Declination is the few extra degrees the dish face tips down to hit the sat.

        If you don't have an elevation scale on your dish, use a Johnson level angle finder or other device to measure the polar mount angle, not the dish face.

        Click image for larger version

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          Re: new to BUD c-band


          I'm up here in central WV and what blessman said is absolutely right- 83W is your best "true south" sat, the one at 97W is practically useless for C band because it hardly has anything on it in the first place (but has a ton on Ku band), and 97W has all sorts of interference from the adjacent sats. 83W is in a clearer place, and when you see Pennsylvania Cable Network coming through you'll know there's no mistake where you are.

          When you get everything adjusted right, depending on the actuator's range, you'll be able to see everything from about 40W to 125W (that's what I get up here near Charleston).

          Web store: Sadoun Sales International