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Big Problem with install after upgrade...

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  • Big Problem with install after upgrade...

    I have had my Dish (Hughes) for 3 years now with the 7000 modem and never a problem... we move every week or so.
    Well, the other day they slowed me down, my photography is taking a big bite. My Dish was set up when they had to re- register me as I upgraded to more MB and faster speed...
    Today I try to set up and two news windows are in the set up that I had never seen before!!! One is "receive LNB" which actually does not give me a choice... so clicked nest, the next unknown was "SANS... CERT #... " or us "Safe HTTP" which is what I clicked on.... but nothing.
    I know... might be high tech but mabe someone has an answer???
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit