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GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish

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  • GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish

    GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish

    High performance, strong signal gain and reduced rain fade.
    • Satellite Dish Antenna is Perfect for reception of any Ku-band satellite
    • Hundreds of FREE channels are available on Galaxy 19 (Telstar T5, Galaxy 25), SES1 (AMC4), Galaxy 18 (G10R).
    • Free International, Religious, Entertainment, Sports, and News programming
    • Compatible with SG2100 Motech, STAB, SG6000, MS90, and most all other dish motors.
    • GEOSATpro 90cm exclusive "easy level" universal wall / roof tripod post makes dish mounting a breeze.
    Box Includes:
    • 36" x 33" satellite Dish
    • Holder: 40mm clamp for LNBF
    • Universal wall mount: Lets you put the satellite dish on your roof or exterior wall of your house.
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