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MicroHD Installation and Antenna Instructions

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  • MicroHD Installation and Antenna Instructions

    MicroHD Installation and Antenna Instructions
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    Re: MicroHD Installation and Antenna Instructions

    GeosatPro MicroHD

    Easy Setup Steps:

    Click Menu button on remote

    Go to “Installation”

    Click Right Arrow to “Satellite List” and click OK
    Scroll down to 97W K G19 and make sure there is a heart icon next to it. If not, click OK to see the heart
    Click Exit on remote once

    Scroll down to “Antenna Setup” and click OK
    Select “Moto/Switch Setting”
    Make sure the following settings are used:
    Satellite 97W K G19
    Transponder 11898 V 22000
    LNB LO Universal (9750-10600)
    DisEqC 1.0 Disable
    DisEqC 1.1 Disable
    Motor Type <none>
    Click Exit twice

    Go to “Single Satellite Search”, Click OK
    Scroll down to “Scan Mode” and make sure it is set to <Blind Scan - Normal >
    Scroll down to Search and click OK
    Click OK again
    Now you will see that channel download from satellite.
    When search is complete, click OK then Exit three times.


    Receiver is preset for Standard LNBF type : LNB LO 10750. So if you have a standard LNBF (11.7 - 12.2 Ghz), then leave this setting alone.

    Also, receiver has a “Signal” button for easy signal acquisition. To use this button efficiently, click OK to see the channels list. Select a channel on G19. Click exit. Then click “Signal”. Adjust antenna until you see the signal bars.

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