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Problem openbox s9 hd pvr

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  • Problem openbox s9 hd pvr

    hello everybody

    thk for this site, I need help with my openbox s9 hd pvr
    the thing is

    I would like to know what I need to do to restore the intensity and streng signal, the thing is that I made update of the most recent firmware and then the signal without lnb conecction 45% and 5% to 36% and 10%, I test the 61 w with other receiver and this was 85% and 75%, and the s9 hd pvr dont change anything, all this after made the update , I try to use the firmware in the cd but dont restore this thing beside the option in the LNB menu of beeper disapeer

    1- > when I start with my s9 hd pvr , the receiver with out conection to lnb and the streng and quality was 45% and 5%
    2-> made update of the firmware yojia tech
    3-> the streng and quality with out lnb conection drop to 36 % and 10%
    4-> the option of the lnb beeper gone
    5-> I try the conections an antenna with other receiver and work perfect
    6-> I made restore factory , clear all, delete all, but nothing happen
    7-> I check the lnb in and this hae 18-19.2 volt

    I try every single firmware of the yojistech and
    Shenzhen Wanying

    nothing work, please help me to revive my openbox s9 hd pvr,

    If it something else that I can do please let me know and thank again