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getting a bit of experience setting up a 6' dish

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  • getting a bit of experience setting up a 6' dish

    the gbox is ok but only working barely with my old style actuator. it takes 32 rights to get to montana pbs from straight south to get the signal on amc21. it's only 23 click from straight south to get to amc 6 with nbc. took the equipment out today next to the dish. i had to move the azimuth, i think thats the dish tilt as it traverses the arc where the satellites are, about two inchs from where it was to start with. to start with, i was not directly south with my antenna for g19 so before i got it square it would get some satellites east of center but missing them after i got on the west side. now i can move from amc6 to amc10 and getting signals. only problem with amc10 is that the top of a tree is in the way. the tree is a douglas fir 60' high. the best fir i have... now if i can get the power company to cut a couple of branches out of the top i will get bloomberg also... the advantage there is l live next to the substation for the town and the nice fella working for them can park his truck and cut a couple of branches for me. or then, i could watch bloomberg on the dishnetwork channel. any, good days work in hand. charlie
    dish geopro 36" 100cm?, sadoun 280 rotor, qph-031, solomend hd pvr-800, geosat pro dsr-200c, dvbworld dvb-s2 usb, 180 cm dish, real old actuator, waiting on g-3000 controller.

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    Re: getting a bit of experience setting up a 6' dish

    Nice to see your making progress........I wish I could go to a bigger dish but I live a site condominum which has no by-laws against dish's, mine would have to be in my side yard and visable from the street. Good luck with you project.
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