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Bringing Slaved 4DTV-FTA System Back To Life

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  • Bringing Slaved 4DTV-FTA System Back To Life

    Hi All,

    Been away from the satellite "scene" for about 3 years while I built my home theater.
    Now that I've finished, I want to restart my BUD system which consists of a 4DTV (DSR 920) and a Fortec Star 786 NA.
    After setting up the slave connection procedure (slaving the Fortec off the 4DTV) I was able to find analog transponders AMC-11-CSPAN, Galaxy 14 - NBC Shopping Channel and Galaxy 16 - Shepherd's Chapel. I was also able to watch some FTA stuff with the Fortec Star. Then I became stuck at dish limits which prevented the dish from scanning the arc, no matter which satellite I aimed for. After stupidly doing a master reset on the 4DTV, I found that the problem was a loose wire. Also,in an attempt to clear out old satellite/ transponder info on the Fortec Star, I did master reset of it. Unfortunately, I didn't copy down all my antenna settings info.
    Now, with the old satellite maps on the 4DTV, I can only find AMC-11-CSPAN and Galaxy 14-NBC shopping channel. I'm unable to find Galaxy 16. I'm also unable to lock onto any FTA stuff on these 2 satellites with the Fortec Star.
    I think my Fortec Star antenna settings are off. For antenna 1, I have: LNB type-single, LNB power-v/h, 22khz-off, Diseqc-1,12v-off. These are pretty much how I remember them. For antenna 2, I have: LNB type-universal, LNB power-v/h, 22khz-grayed out, Diseqc-2, 12v-off.
    Are these correct ?
    When I try to scan the 2 satellites I can receive with the 4DTV, all I get with the Fortec Star is a signal varying around 65-75 and no reading on the quality meter.
    Very frustrated at this point and any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Bringing Slaved 4DTV-FTA System Back To Life


    Anyone ????


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      Re: Bringing Slaved 4DTV-FTA System Back To Life

      I'm not sure about this,but if it's a universal lnbf,then wouldn't you have to put lo 9750 hi 10600 in the Fortec Star receiver settings?
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        Re: Bringing Slaved 4DTV-FTA System Back To Life

        John, don't panic and you will be fine. Sadoun has a page on setting up the 786NA receiver here:
        FORTEC STAR DVB-786 FTA MPEG2 Free-To-Air Receivers and equipment

        Also, this receiver is pretty old. Maybe older than 10 years. So it is time to get one of the new ones with the BLIND search features. It will make your life easier in fining new transponders and channels.

        Check what Sadoun has here:
        FTA FREE TO AIR receivers Digital satellite receiver DVB MPEG2 Digital C / KU Band
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