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Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

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  • Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

    I have sadouns mc-1 c package coming in next week and would like to know where i may get the cable wire for the Actuator!Can you buy a 5 wire cable of the two proper gages for the power and the sensors?.If not what should i pick up for the system.I have read the wire requirements on this site! just need to know where i can find needed wire.Wire will run up to 50 ft. Thanks! Stan

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    Re: Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

    As sadoun doesn't have cable, I hit up the local electric supply for Belden shielded cable.

    There's also on line resources - search for "C Band cable" but the ribbon cable they sell has more than you need in it, and costs a lot.


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      Re: Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

      I also have a c-band dish from Sadoun that I recently installed. I have a linear actuator to put on it and I am not able to locate the correct shielded wire without having to buy a 1000 foot spool of it. I only have a 90 foot run to the dish.

      Since I am in an electrical related business I can buy any wire wholesale from my distributor. I have decided to just go ahead and get the 1000 foot spool of shielded wire. I thought that I would then make this wire available to anyone else that may need it. I would sell what anyone needs per foot at my cost. I would think that Sadoun would buy a spool of it and sell it. I guess that they have their reasons.

      I do not know the cost of it yet. I will find that out tomorrow when I pick it up. I do know that it will be the best price that is possible for high quality wire for my part of the country other than by buying a train car load from the manufacturer. If you or anyone is interested in the wire just let me know and we can make arrangements. Please keep in mind that I am just trying to help anyone out and to get rid of the extra wire. I am not after any profit on this.

      The shielded cable and for that matter the RG6 or RG11 coax that we use in not really suppose to be direct burial wire. I thought that I would do this up right and bury a 3/4 ID PVC conduit and place the shielded wire in it along with the stranded power wire and a new coax cable. 3/4 inch pvc or cpvc water pipe will work just as well.

      I did check with my wholesale supplier. The types of cable that we need to bury is not available as a direct burial wire. That is except for the two power wires that are suppose to be ran out to the actuator. Since I need to put the other wires in the conduit to do it right. I just as well run the two power wires in the conduit along with the rest of it since it is a lower voltage dc power. I know that you can buy the coax from Sadoun. I keep the stranded power wire in stock in various gauges and would also let it go at my cost if that would help someone. The stranded wire comes in 500 foot rolls.


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        Re: Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

        Found where to buy your cable from. Have used this satellite equipment sit before and is very reliable. Follow the link below.


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          Re: Actuator ( HARL-3618 ) wireing

          Thanks for the replies!!I did end up getting the cable from a place online called the satellite shop a few weeks back.


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