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a little help on a 2nd unit

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  • a little help on a 2nd unit

    I'm looking for a second unit for C-Band and KU.
    I checked out MC-1 FTA-Motorized CKU Choice Set: . But was a little confused. Is the Actuator the motor? Or do I need a HH Motor also? If its a motor, Whats the difference between an Actuator and a HH Motor?
    Does the reciever listed work best with the total setup or can I use any reciever.
    Right now I'm using a pansat 3500 with and old 10 foot BUD.

    I also have another pansat 3500, fortect star lifetime ultra and viewsat ultra.
    Or can someone recommed a better setup.

    Any feed back will help.


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    An HH-Motor has the (lets call it the polar mount) and the motor built into one complete unit. It moves the dish from side to side along the arc.

    A setup with an actuator separates the components. A dish with polar mount won't move on its own. So adding an electronic motor (actuator) allows it to be moved.

    If you have all those receivers - theres really no reason to rebuy in a kit.
    The receivers you listed will not do any less that whats in the kit.

    What are you looking to do? Add Ku? Downsize?
    How are you moving your 10ft dish now?

    If anything I'd NOT downsize.
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