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Need Help With Big Dish

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  • Need Help With Big Dish

    Need Help, Please!!

    I am setting up a 7-1/2" Dish. I am using a POWERTECH GBOX- V3000 Series to position my dish with. I understand about the latitude and longitude - no problem. I also understand about LNB skews 1.90 Degrees.

    What I am unsure of is my dish elevation which is 54.7 degrees. Is this the elevation to start my dish off with. And if so, how do I get this 54.7 degrees? Plus, I am not sure about AZIMUTH (true) 182.1 degrees. Is this the degrees I start my dish off on? And then start turning East and West with my positioner to find the satellite?

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    you measure this directly with an inclonometer

    Sadoun sells them.

    Or You can buy a magnetic 3 foot carpenters level with a inclination display built in (I did that... )
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      What is your latitude and longitude?
      Sadoun has some good installation info on their website: Installing your satellite dish and receiver - DIY INSTALLATION SUPPORT

      Basically, you need to point your dish to your most southern satellite to get it directed to due south. That would be 180 degrees plus or minus the magnetic offset required for your location. You can also use a solar shadow method.
      The angle of your dish for true south should be 90 degrees minus your latitude minus a declination angle based on your location. For me at Lat 38 it was about 6 degrees of declination, so it was 52 degrees minus 6 degrees equals 46 degree angle off the ground. Once you have your dish pointed south and the correct angle you will need to move the dish east and west to tune into sats...

      Good luck...
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        To get your dish to the angle you need, you can either use an inclometer per PMB. They cost about $10 from Sadoun or a hardware store. Or you can use a string with plumb bob and a protractor. Take a straight 2x4 and lay it across your dish and measure the angle it forms... you can use the string along the edge of the protractor and read the angle of the 2x4 with that. The inclometer will be the same thing... just a bit neater.

        good luck
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          Need Help With Big Dish

          thanks guys for info