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The jump to C weight of system?

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    Originally posted by View Post
    That's it for now- I've tried everything and can't get anything out of this lnb unit. And, to answer Vitruvius yes I remembered to set the LNB to 5150 (for lnb 2; and following what Rainman said I used the Universal setting for lnb 1, I chose to set up Ku on 1 and C band on 2).

    There's only one other place I could have made a mistake, that I know of- the coax connector on the very end of the unit is the C band, and the coax coming out of the little flat unit half way down or so is Ku band, right? Even if I screwed that up, which I didn't, it wouldn't matter because I deliberately tested it the other way even though I figured it was wrong, and that didn't do anything, either.

    I guess it's not possible that I got a bad unit, because I get the usual 40% signal level at all times, indicating that it's seeing background noise. Perhaps there's some problem with the aim of the lnb holder/adaptor (which is very sloppy) with relation to the dish. Just out of curiosity I hooked up the little analog sat finder just to see what it said, and the results made no sense at all; taking the unit out of the holder and setting down on the roof pegged out the meter, and just waving it around randomly made the meter move, but nothing I did with it in its holder on the dish seemed to have any effect.

    I'll admit to being a little disappointed because of other sites on the net, one of which shows where a guy simply duct taped a C band lnb onto a small dish and got some signals! I didn't seriously expect anything like that but I did expect to get something, somewhere. So it's back to the drawing board, and the rental place to get a power auger for a 3' hole to fill w/cement and a big piece of pipe.

    the duct taper might of been me! lol

    i have messed arround with a c-band lnb and a 31" dish. and did manage to pull in some analog and digital channels.

    But when it comes to satellite TV, size DOES matter :)

    If you want to get 90 percent of whats up there, you need to get at least a 6 foot dish, if you want to get it all, you need a 10 footer

    they can usually be had for free if you drive around and do some door knocking.

    Here is my take on lnbs.

    I had a old chaparal micropak 25 degree lnb on my dish and was getting 200 signal on my drake and 12 to 14 ebno on my 4dtv, in english that means i was getting a great signal

    i bought a chinese lnb off ebay and it performed the same.

    there are quite a few channels on cband that you cant get on ku that are interesting, like some fox feeds

    and if you havent heard before, you can get a 4dtv receiver, which allows you to subscribe to most of the channels you get on dish or directv, but alot cheaper

    need any help pm me...