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BSC621 C/KU Band LNBF on C band dish

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  • BSC621 C/KU Band LNBF on C band dish

    I have a 8.5 ft mesh dish that I am currently using on FTA with the old style LNB and have it slaved off of a dsr920 RX. My question is can I use this BSC621 C/KU Band LNBF on this dish to get KU also and will the FTA RX change the polarity on the LNB automatically with the voltage? Going to convert it over instead of hanging another 4 ft dish. I have a feeling that the 8.5 dish will be a lot more forgiving with KU
    Thanks everyone for your input.
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    Ok guys, got all my answers by doing some reading this place is very informative with a lot of knowledge. I am sure glad I only live about 1 hour from sadoun's place, I think I'll go up there and check them out. I would rather go buy from them than on the internet as i am a hands on kinda guy
    If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? ~Stanislaw J. Lec


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      If you are strictly using the 920 as a passthru device it might not much matter,

      but if the lnb is driving the H/L from the 920 and things seem strange,

      you might have to go into the LNB settings on the 920 and "rotate the lnb" 90 degrees. I had to do that and things just worked better.

      Good luck
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        There are two types of BSC621.... the -1 and the -2. I think the -2 is only for Universal LNB Ku... and may not work with the 920.. so ask Sadoun. I have had the BSC621-2 on a Fortec H180 dish and it worked great with my Mercury II receiver for both C and Ku bands. The Fortec 180 dish was solid so it got the Ku bands fine. I recently changed the dish for a 2M mesh dish by KTI and I cannot get the Ku band broadcasts. I am not sure what the issue is, I may have a bad LNB since the previous dish crashed in an ice storm. I have read that a lot of the mesh dishes are not capable of receiving Ku, but some can. Let us know what you find with yours.

        Good luck.
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          if your dish mesh is no bigger than 1/10 of an inch (about a #40 drill bit)
          then it should be able to do Ku OK.

          Some mesh dishes are more fussy than others on Ku.
          Just need to try it to see.
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            Going to try it

            I am going to go strictly with the fta and do away with the 920 for the big dish. I have a precision pm-93 C/Ku feed horn with both lnbs. I think will try that on it to make sure I can get a Ku signal before I buy that other LNBF.
            that way I wont wast money if i cant get Ku. I was just trying to do away with the polarizer and have it switch via voltage from my coolsat 5000. The Goal here is going FTA on both C and Ku band because analog is just about gone. There are a few things on DCII but to get the free stuff you have to be subed to something for them to authorize the RX which sucks. I am going to get a G box to move my actuator via the FTA RX. One good thing is My big dish is already on the arc so it wont be to much of a headache to tweak it if i have to. Thanks for all the help and glad i found this place!!
            If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? ~Stanislaw J. Lec


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              "switch voltage from my coolsat"...

              That's going to be a problem I think.
              Here's the thing. The FTA LNBF's switch H/V the coax.

              The 920 did it via separate cables over the polarizer wires.

              You're going to run into a jam with that.

              You'll need a BSC621 or equivelant FTA LNBF since it switches the H/V via the coax.
              The coolsat (I dont think so anyway not fully sure - there was 1 fta box that did but it's very rare.. ) wont send separate polarizer signals.
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                That is exactly what i am going to do is purchase a BSC621 and do away with the old school LNB and polarizer. Getting rid of the dsr920 and going to go only FTA on c and Ku with my 8.5 winegard dish. I also have a pansat 2800. I plan on getting a G box in the future to run the actuator. The mesh on the dish is pretty small so i should be able to catch Ku. Just going to use the 920 as a dish mover right now because i can download current sats off of G1 and then it will Take a guess and predict where the birds are I will post a pic of my dish real close to the mesh and then you can tell me what you think about Ku on this Dish
                Thanks For the knowledge here. All the other boards i have been on say the deal FTA and c band but really all they want to know is how to get a fix for the (FREE TV)
                I can learn something here if i am not careful HEHE
                Thanks Guys
                If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? ~Stanislaw J. Lec


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                  what is the correct lnb to use for the 4dtv receiver


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                    i also have a c0smos mesh 10 foot dish, will this work for ku feeds......thanks


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                      C621-1... is the Linear version to use with 4DTV. The manufactuer has newer models out their, and if you check other websites... or google this lnb you may find it and more information on it.

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                        I had a BSC621 on my Cosmos dish for almost 2 years before taking it down to replace it with a 2 output C band lnbf, I wanted more C band availability to receivers in the house. To answer your question, the 621 worked well for me without any readjusting of the dish settings. I must emphasize well doesn't mean perfect. Ku worked well except for the old RTN @ 123W and Montana PBS @ 125W feeds so the dish probably would have benefitted from tweaking but since I already had 76 cm and 90cm ku dishes not getting reliable signal from two nearby satellites was not that important to me. In wost cases I found Quality strength to be comparable to my 90cm dish covering the arc from 72W to 137W.


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                          922 4dtv

                          do you use the 4dtv 922 with this lnb