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About dominican channels on Satmex5:

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  • About dominican channels on Satmex5:

    Hello guys,I have a Lexium7000 receiver,a Sadun 180 C-band Dish and a 621 C/KU band LNBF.I live in Austin,TX so the signal from satmex5 is very strong.But when I do blind scans I get only 10 transponders and no dominican or hondurian channels,only mexican channels from Edusat and UNAM,Guatevision,RTV Guerrero and LVM.So what to do?

    My guess is that I would need another LNBF wich works only in C-band.Am I right or Do I need to do anything else to get the rest of transponders from satmex5?

    I really would appreciate some help,regards,

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    Re: About dominican channels on Satmex5:

    SatMex 5 at 116.8W - LyngSat

    Can you tell me what on this website which freq or tp number you are trying to scan. Some receivers stink at blind scan. I will do a scan on your information you provide and see what I get. How large of a dish do you have? Ive scanned this and satmex6 there are alot of channels there. I don't understand Spanish so...
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