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GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

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  • GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

    A while back, we asked members, "why in your opinion it is a GOOD idea for someone to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system ?"

    We received the following answers. enjoy!

    1. World news, get the full story without the fox and cnn filters.
    2. Music and entertainment. hollywood, disney and nyc not required
    3. Its free, its fun and almost everybody will find something they like
    4. By utilizing a true FTA system, you are able to gain access to programming and information from non-mainstream sources, and therefore not necessarily adversely influenced by conflicting sources.
    5. By utilizing a true FTA system, you are in control of your TV viewing expenses. You spend as much as you want to on equipment in order to receive quality, meaningful programming, and you are not required to spend more and more each month to gain access to this programming. Of course, if you like what you see, you are certainly welcome, in most instances, to forward donations to help the cause of many of the organizations that broadcast on FTA.
    6. FTA systems are a good hobby, and a good fellow-shipping tool. Once you have learned the benefits of FTA programming, you have the opportunity to learn more in-depth concepts of the satellite reception process in order to tweak and enhance reception. Utilizing this knowledge gives you an avenue to reach out to others with similar interests and help them to attain the same excellent programming in their home - in many cases religious or ethnic programming specifically related to the cause of spreading the gospel to those individuals.
    7. It keeps the riffraff off the streets.
    8. There are programs that show what else is happening around the world.
    9. The toothpaste and soap companies can't control what we watch.
    10. You always find something new to watch.
    11. Nothing better than "news feeds"
    12. I watch TV from my country without ties
    13. I can choose which "package" I want.
    14. Free choice of equipment
    15. I am my own support hotline
    16. There is always something new to discover
    17. I feel like a spy finding new signals.
    18. It's free to use.
    19. It is pure fun, can't get into trouble with anyone (well almost).
    20. Unique international channels, not found on cable or OTA
    21. Feed channels, get the news before it is aired.
    22. Digital quality picture, no fuzzy stuff, or shadows
    23. AC3 sound from PBS, works great with my stereo
    24. Don't forget about the numerous radio channels, lots of unique music. Sometimes, I will just run the signal to the stereo and listen to the music while the TV is off.
    25. Very reliable equipment from Sadoun; going 2 years so far which pays for itself.
    26. Easy to use ONCE you have it setup.
    27. Discovering new channels and posting it here!!
    28. Affordable, can't beat these prices
    29. Channels and perspectives from around the world. If you're sick of celebrity gossip disguised as news, check out a few of the 24-hour English News channels or a number of International English news programs.
    30. Wild Feeds - catch a small town high school game, a local reporter live on the scene, or even national announcers goofing around during the commercial break.
    31. Watch a large number of PBS channels and programs
    32. Variety- I got my FTA receiver up and running the night before the Olympics began. On the next morning, I flipped it on to see if I could catch highlights of the opening ceremony, and wound up seeing the whole ceremony live with no commercials and no annoying announcer telling me what I was seeing (at least not in english anyway)
    33. I stayed tuned to Abu Dhabi Sports for the next two weeks to see the Olympics from a non American-centric and non Beach Volleyball-centric viewpoint. The whole thing wrapped up with being able to see the gold medal volleyball match live last Saturday night.
    34. Definitely worthwhile to have FTA for that!
    35. Global Perspectives- What do the Russians think of Solzenitzen's death? What do they think they're doing in Georgia? How do the Chinese view the Olympic Games? Tune in to the english broadcasts of Russia Today or CCTV9 and find out. In addition, both have excellent travel reports about places you've never heard of.
    36. Channel surfing- Do you find that you start looping back through the local off the air channels too quickly when looking for something to watch? With hundreds of FTA channels, there's a lot more surfing to do.
    37. Geeky sense of accomplishment-- When you get your dish motor successfully scanning the whole Clarke Belt +/- a half degree or so, you get a sense of accomplishment that most non-techies can't even begin to understand.
    38. Keeps me informed of World News w/ perspectives not found in U.S. newscasts.
    39. It's a hobby full of surprises especially when you blindscan a particular satellite and find a great feed like a sporting event or awesome breaking news, that's what I call fulfillment.
    40. The most frugal way to add fun channels to your existing OTA lineup.
    41. Who needs a monthly satellite or cable bill.
    42. The funniest thing about FTA is all the complimenting accessories such as motors, switches, and extra LNB brackets that allows us to watch more satellites with ease and makes me feel as if I have my own independent cable company LOL.
    43. News feeds giving you access long before anyone else ie: debates and court rooms etc.
    44. International and us news from everywhere. Coast to coast in every time zone us and access to world news in many languages
    45. It is free tv! Network channels and movies [even though they might not be brand spanking new movies] However scans can provide feeds of sporting events and movies.
    46. No Contract, no monthly bills.
    47. Anytime I want, I can sell some of my equipment and recoup some of my money back.
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    thats what im thinking of doing whats a good reciver.


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      Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

      Great hobby and would recommend getting the motorized system.
      Motorized Free To Air Satellite system will allow you to move the dish to several satellites to watch more channels.* A powerful solution if your favorite channels are available over several satellites. The receiver's remote control will actually con

      Then progress into C-Band if you have the room for a 6ft dish or bigger.
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        Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

        Check the list above and add to it :-)
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          Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

          out of market sporting events is what I like the most.
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            Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

            There channels that are broadcasting in 1080i high definition on C Band. Where "over the air" or OTA they are broadcasting in 720p. My kids can even see the difference when we switch between FTA and OTA. Network broadcast I'm speaking of.

            I also love the retro Tv show on RTV.

            PBS on AMC21 125.0West has some of the best programming. Very interesting programs that are well produced and serve a purpose. I'm a support of PBS and recommend that you also support them or your local PBS broadcaster.

            There is all sorts of new programming form all over the word.

            Religious Tv programming on 97.0 west there is many channel.

            I use FTA everyday of the week.
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              Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

              PBS on FTA rocks. Picture quality on HD FTA is also great.
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                Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

                I would give anything to be able to put a C band dish on this property. Have plenty of room but too many trees where I could put it. Can't get half the satellites on my 36 inch but better than nothing. I enjoy the most watching news channels without a slant. Tired of the Obama is a great guy, Obama is a bum choices with nothing in between.
                Politicians should be required to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we would know who their corporate sponsors are.


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                  Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

                  Hi everybody,
                  I am new here. Does anybody know if there are Russian FTA programming? I'd like to try Rusian programming with my old equipment before buying new one. I have a number of Dish Network LNBs and different dishes and Fortec Star 5900 reciever. I heard that Galaxy 25 (93.1 W) satellite broadcasts Russian FTA programms. Is it tru? My other question: can I use Dish Network LNB to receive C or Ku bands?


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                    Re: GOOD idea to own a true FREE TO AIR satellite system

                    Dish uses circular lnbfs and you need linear lnbfs for fta.
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