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meter for superdish

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  • meter for superdish

    I am a dishnetwork installer and have been using a digistat 3 meter. On dish 500 it works fine for the 110 and 119.
    On the superdish it works fine for the 110 and 119. For the 105 it shows signal but when I go in and check most of the time it shows no signal. Then I have to have someone watch the tv while I go out and try to peak it while talking to them on my cell phone. THIS SUCKS!!!!
    Do I need a different meter for this. I know the 105 is an FSS LNB.
    I'm not sure about the 121 but I think I had the same problen with that one. Any help appreciated.

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    Get yourself a Birdog. It will pay for itself in no time if you do a lot of DishNetwork (or anything else) installations.

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      A Satbuddy meter is perfect and not too espencive like the birddog, the best way to tune the 105 SuperDish is tune the 119 first .when the 119 is fine usually you get the 110 and 105 .over 65 on the signal strength is perfec for the 105... remenber never use a 21 switch .