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Facebook Connect - Allow your users to login with their Facebook account

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  • Facebook Connect - Allow your users to login with their Facebook account

    I like this new feature in this forum.

    Facebook Connect
    This feature allows forum guests and existing users to login with their Facebook account through Facebook Connect.

    Benefits of Facebook Connect
    • Users can simply login with their Facebook account without going through the registration process. :)
    • Increase user interaction and your traffic through Facebook notifications and news-feeds! :cool:

    Facebook users will be able to receive Facebook notifications when:
    • There is a reply to their thread or a thread that they're subscribing to
    • They receive a new PM

    News-Feed will be published on to the user's wall when the user:
    • Logs in for the first time
    • Replies to a thread
    • Creates a new thread

    Fetch user data from Facebook
    Fetch data like name, location, profile picture and use it on your forums! (NOTE: Some data may not be available for some users)

    Automatically befriend user's friends
    If any of the user's friends are also registered on the forum, they will automatically be friends!
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