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tp frequency

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  • tp frequency

    when I look at linksat for tps they're often 4 digits. when I scan the same sat. with my openbox the same channel has 5 digit tp frequency. why is that?

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    Re: tp frequency

    Hi Jeep292-
    the 4 digit frequencies are C Band 3400 to 4200 are the C Band frequencies. 11700 to 12000 is the Ku Band freqs. Not sure which dish you have. If you have a Ku Band dish you can't receive C Band because your dish is too small and the lnb doesn't support C Band. You need a 6 ft dish minimum to receive a signal. What LNB lo frequency to you have set in the receiver? I don't have a Linksat I do have a openbox. Maybe that is why receivers do differ some but should be similar to one another....
    How that helps some.
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